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 The Rules (MUST READ!)

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The Rules (MUST READ!) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules (MUST READ!)   The Rules (MUST READ!) EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 6:13 am

Okay so this is where you need to read the rules and make sure you follow them. Don't follow them and the staff will not like you very much, so follow them. Be good and we will like you. So follow them. Here we go...


1. No Godmodding-
=> By this we mean that when your making a weapon or simply just a post, don't post something that is totally indestructable or absolutely impossible to dodge. A good example is like, if you have only twenty posts you go and say that you kicked a whole sky scraper down without your character even trying. Big no no.

2. No Auto-hitting-
=> This when a player or something just hits another player without giving them any time to react or post that they could dodge it. An example could be a bit like this--
Quote :
*Haylee ran up to Jinx and stabbed her in the back*
*Kat then ran up to Haylee and shot her in the head*
If you do that, it may make it seem fun to you, but the other player may find it annoying so they can tell you off for it, or a mod or admin will.

3. Grammar and Punctuation-
=> When you post something please try to post with capital letters at the beginning or each sentence and other proper nouns. Also you don't have to be a super speller but try to spell most of your words right if your not a good speller. Make sure you use speech marks when your character is going to talk or some sort of indication that they are talking.

4. Spamming-
=> This is when you post annoying, pointless, off-topic posts. You can do this sometimes but only to a certain extent. Try to keep the spamming to a minimal.

5. Respecting those above you-
=> If someone has more posts than you or is one of us mods or admins, try not to disrespect them. Simply because most people will not put up with silly stuff like so. If you disrespect a mod or admin you will die.

6. Post Length-
=> Here we try to get our members post atleast two lines in each RP. If you're new to this the easiest way to make your post longer is to say what your doing, what your character looks like and what they are thinking. That's just for a start.

7. Offensive Language-
=> Here offensive language isn't quite a big thing but try not to excessively swear about everything. If you are going to critisize something make sure it is constructive critisim. Or I kill you. When you mention a swear word it might have a censore on it that blockes it out. NO and I mean NO racism! If I see this I will seriously kill you... or just ban yuo for about a week or so.

Explicit Language includes--

Those are the explicit words I want to see blocked out in some way.

8. Metagaming-
=> This is when you say you know a characters name by gaining the information out of character. Or just saying you know stuff all about that character like their weaknesses and what they work well with. Try your best not to metagame.

9. Characters per Account-
=> Because the admins are nice, we have decided to let you play two characters on one account. BUT, oh yes a big old but, you have to have 500+ posts to create another character.

10. Abbreviations-
=> Here we don't mind that you use abbreviations like "lol" and others like so. But, don't do this in an RP, only in the chatting sections please. And make sure that you don't abbreviate every word you say. In other words - Dnt spk lk ths.

=> Chyeah, when creating something, be descriptive dammit! Nothing annoys the mods and admins more than a post that has like no description in it at all. Try post atleast three lines in the description sections please.

12. Approval of Creations-
=> DO NOT go and use a weapon, spell or summon without approval or we shall kill you... and your children.

13. HAVE FUN!!-
=> Most of all, make sure you have fun on this site but also follow the rules.

Those are basicly the main rules. Follow these and you should move along the site quite well.

~Haylee inc.
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The Rules (MUST READ!)
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