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 Haylee ???

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PostSubject: Haylee ???   Haylee ??? EmptyMon Jul 07, 2008 12:26 am

Name: Haylee ???

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Half Human, Half Nymph.

Looks: Haylee has nicely toned skin, it isn't comepletely tanned nor really pale. She has nice platnium blonde hair that is moderately long, her hair is usually either pushed back with her fringe to the side of her face or just left hanging down. She has gorgeous hazel eyes. Haylee often wears a singlet of some color with a black cropped jacket and a pair of full fingered gloves, a pair of long black skinny jeans and a pair of red sneakers. She is often caught wearing a pair of reflective aviators and maybe one or two belts but always atleast one belt to hold her weapons there.

City: Eurai City


Alliance: Nuetral

Personality: Haylee is usually the calm and cool type of person. She can be serious at most times but can also be funny if she needs to. She can be polite to some people but is usually quite ignorant towards people when she doesn't want to talk. When something is annoying her she is most likely to keep a straight face and just hurt it in some way. When Haylee gets really mad is when she might just lose it and actually shout or attack whatever it is that angers her in quite a furious way.

Good Traits: Haylee is a well taught gunner. She knows how to use almost every single gun there is and knows how to fix them. She is also very good at keeping her cool and thinking about things quite strategical. Haylee can move quite fast too, a bit above the average human speed. She likes to fight in a way so that she dodges most attacks. She is good at working by herself.

Bad Traits: Haylee isn't exactly very strong. She doesn't take hits very well and usually doesn't block attacks. She has a tendancy to mistake people with other people so her memory isn't exactly the best in the world. She's not one who does much teamwork either.

Weapons: Guns.

History: Haylee was born during the World War Three. But, the only thing was that she wasn't born completely human. She held magic traits that a nymph would have. The ability to run fast aswell as having the skills to temper with her own magical powers. It turned out that Haylee's mother had found a lover from the magic realm. Her mother made love with the magic nymph from the other realm and Haylee was the result of it. It showed in hospital that Haylee was the first one to be half human and half a magic creature. Because of this, she was taken away from her mother and taken to a secret army facility to be raised so she could become someone who was quite dangerous. It was about the age of ten that she was being taught to use weapons and learn how to fight. It turned out that Haylee was a student to a leader in the war that was a master with guns. Thus, Haylee was taught everything this leader knew about guns.

It was the age of thirteen that Haylee was told that she wasn't completely human. At this rate it was when Haylee was quite dangerous. She took in the news quite well but she wanted to get out of there. For about a year she carried on her training aswell as planning on how she was going to get out of there. She now had every day of the week routined and knew exactly where everyone was at anytime of the day. A month before the comet hit the eart Haylee had escaped. She took as many weapons as she could an took off on a soldier's motorbike aswell as having a bag of money stolen from the facility. So she took off and bought her the stuff she needed. A day before the comet hit, the girl found a bomb shelter full of other refugees. She went there and stayed there as the comet hit. Days after the comet, the survivors came out. Everything had been destroyed. Haylee wanted to live by herself and hope that peace would come. It was peaceful for a little while untill the war between the cities started. This is when she really started fighting for herself.

Haylee ??? Girl-Angry
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PostSubject: Re: Haylee ???   Haylee ??? EmptyMon Jul 07, 2008 12:33 am

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Haylee ???
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