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 Haylee's Guns~

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PostSubject: Haylee's Guns~   Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:37 am

Name: My little Friends... N/A (lol)

Type: Guns

Element: Metal

Description: These two guns are both just basic revolvers. They do need to be reloaded. The funs are made of stainless steel. The handle parts have plastic around them to stop the owner getting hurt by the blows of heat from each bullet that is shot. The guns have little engravings on them that is just some sort of butterfly to show who they belong to.

History: These two guns were the second most importatnt things that Haylee took when she escaped from the facility it was in. Along with bullets. Haylee used these guns to get past all the security. These two guns came in quite handy when Haylee needed to get away and now she uses them quite often. When she founf a place to stay after the comet she changed a few settings around so the bullets shot faster than normal guns and engraved a butterfly-like symbol on them.



Name: Sniper...

Type: Gun

Element: Metal

Effect: The bullets shoot quite far and very fast. Not only this but there is a command that Haylee can do to make it so the bullet breaks off so it is just a smaller bullet that is shaped much more pointy so it moves faster through the air. The bullet becomes shaped like a needle when this happens except it's quite a big needle.

Description: This gun looks like your everyday sniper. It has quite a long barrel and an eye piece to look through. The gun is made of steel and has black colored paint over the steel. The eye-piece has a fine-focu knob that you turn depending on how far away the target is. There are about four barrels that hold the bullets around the main main barrel. The trigger is below the eye-piece and the barrel.

History: This weapon was a brand new weapon that was suppose to be used for the war. Forutnately for Haylee this weapon was in the way when she was escaping from the governmental facility. She used this weapon to sniper off any of the governmental agents that came knocking on her door. She now uses to kill people from afar or just for target practice.

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The Fanatical Artist
The Fanatical Artist

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PostSubject: Re: Haylee's Guns~   Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:40 am

Fanatically Approved xD
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Haylee's Guns~
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