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 Character Rules & Template..

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Character Rules & Template.. Empty
PostSubject: Character Rules & Template..   Character Rules & Template.. EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 6:39 am

Right, hi and welcome. Thanks for joining our awesome site xD. This, as you probably guessed is the character creation area, but before you do this please read the rules, they can be found here. Also, please follow all the character creation rules which can be found below, and... have fun ^^.

-No God-Mod Characters- This means you can't make a character that can lift up buildings, sorry..

-Be Creative- Don't just say you are some guy called Neo, who happens to be the one. You can be a little more creative than that... right?

-Be Descriptive- Characters that have one line histories or say unknown in ANY section will be unnapproved, this is important.

-Two Characters- You may only have two characters per account, and you only get the second one at 500 POSTS. Get rping kids.

-Think about it- Once you make a character, the only way to get a new one is to kill it off, which is a pain. Think before you most mmkay?

Now for the template, this has to be followed, but delete the bits in (brackets).

Name: (The name of your character, don't be stupid with this.)

Age: (How old are they, don't say unknown...)

Gender: (Are they male or female..)

Race: (Human? Most things are ok here, just nothing stupid... like a fly.)

Looks: (This should include hair, skin tone, eye colour, clothes and all that jazz. Try to be as descriptive as possible.)

(What city does your character currently live in?)

(Pick three different elements for your character to master, look at the element post for more details.)

Alliance: (Good, evil or neutral; you decide.)

Personality: (How does your character act? Spaz or normal... lol)

Good Traits: (What is your character good at?)

Bad Traits: (And what are they bad at, this should include at least one physical weakness.)

Weapons: (What weapons do you use?)

History: (What is your character story? DO NOT WRITE UNKNOWN.)

(Any pics?)

That is all for now,

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Character Rules & Template..
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