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 Black Knight(Radian)

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Black Knight

Black Knight

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PostSubject: Black Knight(Radian)   Mon Jul 07, 2008 6:15 pm

Name: Black Knight (real name is Radian but he is the only one left alive that knows it so people just call him Black Knight)

Age: 100 years old looks to be 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human/shadow dragon hybrid

Looks: Black Knight(Radian) stands nine feet tall and weights 200 lb on his own but with his armor he weights 300 lbs, he has dull brown eyes and short very very light purple hair as his skin tone is pale. He also has four scars on his body that matches the marks on his armor, one on his chest, one over his eye and one on each shoulder. He is always wearing his large suit of armor, the armor is dark purple in color and has four marks on it. One on the chest one on th helmet, and one on each shoulder. He wears a black cape that is red on the inside, he never takes his armor off for he uses it to keep his moral face hidden and also the armor is filled with dark magic that helps keep him young and energized. The cape he wears is not just for looks he is able to shape the cape into wings so he can fly, all thanks to his shadow dragon half.

City: Excalibur City

Elements: Darkness, lightning, light(he was a good knight so he still has holy energies)

Alliance: Neutral

Personality: Black Knight is not a very emotional man since he finds them to be a bit of a distraction, he does how ever show anger and hate from time to time but only in moderate amounts so it doesn't make him do stupid things. Since he is a knight he follows a strict personal code of honor, he doesn't believe in love and when ever he sees it he just pities the people involved in it. He is a man that serves only himself but if it suits him he will help people from time to time but mostly he just sits back and watches. Most of the time when he helps someone is because of his code of honor so knowing if he is good or evil is very hard since he seems to not prefer one over the other.

Good Traits: Black Knight is a master swordsman and so fighting him with a sword would be a foolish tactic since he also is good with using his fist and his feet to fight. He is extremely strong thanks to his shadow dragon half so he can over power normal humans with ease, he is also someone that can keep a cool head when others are freaking out so he can be reliable. Also thanks to his armor and his shadow dragon half he can take a very large amount of punishment, and because of his shadow dragon half he is very resistant to darkness attacks and is good with darkness spells.

Bad Traits: Black Knight has a few weaknesses, for one thing he isn't very fast when it comes to running since his armor slows him down(this only means running is slow he still has good reaction time.) Another thing is that he is weak when it comes to light attacks, the final thing is that thanks to his emotionless personality he doesn't get that increase of power that most people get when someone they love is in danger.(you've seen it in a ton of anime, some guy is loosing then sees his love ones and then for some reason he gets stronger and wins)

Weapons: Magical Broadsword, and Magical Gauntlets

History: 80 years ago there was a powerful yet kind knight named Radian that had trained since he was young to be a powerful user of magic but also to be a strong fighter, so the path of a holy knight was the perfect choice for him. He helped people by protecting others and using his holy might to cleans the land of evil and to cure the injured and sick. He did this for a long time but every where he went he saw love and also the pain it caused, he saw many powerful knights that he held in high regard degrade into drunken bums whenever they lost a love one to death or someone else. Radian was sure that he would never fall in love but life is a strange one and one day he met a beautiful woman and he knew he had to have her, he did everything to win her heart and sure enough he was able to do just that and for a while he was happy. But life is also cruel for soon the woman he gave his entire heart to started to grow bored with Radian but only because he was not extremely wealthy or had great power in politics for she was a woman that used her looks to gain money and political power, soon she met another knight that met her requirements. The two then plotted to get rid of Radian so that he would not try to stop their false love and take the woman back, so the evil woman went to Radian and said to met her in the forest at midnight because she wanted to tell him something important. Radian though the woman he loved was going to accept his request for marriage but really he was going toward his death.

Radian quickly arrived in the forest as he was told to do so and saw the woman he loved and said "So what is it you wanted to speak with me about?" "I'm sorry my love but I have found another and you are just in the way." "What?" "DIE!!" yelled the other Knight as he jumped out behind Radian and Radian only had enough time to turn around before he was slashed four times by the other Knight. One slash cut his left eye, another left a large gash on his chest, and then both of his shoulders were slashed, Radian would of died if it wasn't for his very powerful armor but he was still badly injured. He fell to one knee as blood poured out of the wound as he asked "Why..........why did you betray me?" "Because you were not good enough for her you fool, now stay still so I can end your worthless life." replied the knight as he tried to plunge his sword into Radian's head. But Radian was able to roll out of the way and grabbed his sword and said "I will not be killed by a coward like you!" soon the two knights battled it out but even with all his wounds Radian won because of his better swordsmanship and physical strength. He then stood over the injured Knight's body as he looked at the man with hate and then back to the woman before saying. "I guess I should thank you two, you showed me that love is just an illusion that people fall pray to. Thanks to you two I will never be tricked into love ever again, now I will leave you two alive. I hope you have a good life together, but if I see you two ever again I will kill him."

Radian then walked away from the two as he limped through the forest as more and more blood poured out of his body as he thought *I'm going to die here...........I know it...............* As Radian sat down waiting for the cold embrace of death he heard a cold evil voice that said "You poor human........betrayed by the very person you loved. But I can save you human, but only if you give into the darkness and shun the light." "I will never love again and I will embrace the darkness.............but I will not shun the light. I am a knight and I will follow my code of honor, if you seek to make me your slave you have another thing coming." "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you are a strong and brave human. I find that sort of thing rare and interesting, fine I will save your life and you can hang onto that foolish notion of Honor." Before I agree to this what are you and what do you gain from this?" "Ah and smart too, I am a Shadow dragon. I am a creature born of the darkness but I have no physical body, what I will gain from helping you is a body to live in. We will share the body and I will help you." "Fine it is a deal." said Radian as he saw a large shadow shaped like a dragon that had purple lightning flowing inside of it appear. The beast then flew inside of Radian as he let out a loud yell of pain as he felt his very soul become tainted and twisted, which was true as his armor changed as well the marks in the armor were patched up mostly so that one could see the marks but the armor would still protect him. Radian then stood up and spoke in a voice that was devoid of all emotions "Looks like the dragon kept it's end of the deal, but no longer will people know who I am for Radian the holy knight died this day. And the Black Knight has taken his place." The Black Knight then trained even harder to become a more powerful swordsman and magic use of not only light magic but of lightning and darkness too, he then became known as a knight that severed only himself.

Pictures: in his armor
his face

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PostSubject: Re: Black Knight(Radian)   Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:09 pm

Great Character Profile Smile

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Black Knight

Black Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Black Knight(Radian)   Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:24 am

Glad you like it and thank you very much.


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PostSubject: Re: Black Knight(Radian)   

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Black Knight(Radian)
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