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 Deja Vu Spell

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PostSubject: Deja Vu Spell   Deja Vu Spell EmptyTue Jul 08, 2008 5:56 am

Name: Deja Vu

MP Cost: 10

Description: In order to cast this,Ryou must be in Yami Form. The Millenium Ring is required to cast this spell. Yami Bakura opens his arms, and the Millenium Ring becomes restless, and starts to twist and turn, and move on his chest, the spikes dangle, and then stick out in all directions, the air ripples around Yami Bakura, as the Millenium Ring produces a dark light, followed by two clones of Yami Bakura appearing.

Close/long Range: Supplementary?

Effect: Creates 2 Yami clones, That can fight just like Yami Bakura, but are much easier to kill, and cannot use any spells requiring the Millenium Ring.

In the Millennium World arc Dark Bakura takes the Millennium Ring back from Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood, who mistakenly took Yugi's Millennium Items while trying to steal his Egyptian God Cards. He later challanges Seto Kaiba to a Duel but leaves before they can finish while he gives Kaiba the Millennium Eye, so he too may enter the Millennium World.

In the Memory World, Yami Bakura takes over the body of Thief King Bakura in order to revive his true self, Zorc Necrophades.

Regular Bakura is last seen among the spectators in the final battle between Yugi and Atem. As he left that world, and travelled, World War III broke loose, and Nucleur war heads flew throught he sky, blazing and burning all around. Bakura walked through the desolate destruction, buildings had been wrecked, entire cities had been levelled to the ground, and he walked through it, he didn't care, he would purge the world of all impurities, he was the Harbinger of Death. Yami Bakura walked through the wastes, nothing but two knives and the Millenium Ring. An evil grin crossed his face as he came to a new rebuilt civilization, all other people had lost Magic, and were craving it, Bakura had all magic he would ever need or want, stored in his Millenium Ring, and only he could access it, the original magic, from ancient Egypt, for Yami Bakura, was a beast, over 10000 years of age, a giant demon, who would purge the world, and show NO MERCY!

The Thief King used an Illusion spell to get out of sticky situations, and so, Bakura learnt the spell upon entering the Thief King's Body. But Bakura could do it more efficiently, creating more then one clone of himself.

100 MP
Deja Vu Spell Bakurasiggy
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PostSubject: Re: Deja Vu Spell   Deja Vu Spell EmptyTue Jul 08, 2008 6:20 am


And you could have just said N/A for what range it is... sorta..
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Deja Vu Spell
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