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 Danatrei Forces

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PostSubject: Danatrei Forces   Danatrei Forces EmptyTue Jul 08, 2008 6:25 am

Key: On the HP, if anything has a - for their health, it means only certain weapons can harm them. And they are still hard as nails afterwards.]

Name: SWAT soldier
Health: 4
Danatrei Forces Swat-09

Name: SWAT Sergaent
Health: 6
Danatrei Forces Swat

Name: 112th Kadian Gaurd
Health: 4
Danatrei Forces Imperial_guard_lg

Name: 112th Kadian Karskin
Health: 8
Danatrei Forces IMG_2336

Name: 112th Kadian Leman Russ Battle Tank
Health: 12
Danatrei Forces LemanRussA-1

Name: 112th Kadian Basilisk
Health: 10
Danatrei Forces Basilisk

Name: 112th Kadian Marauder Bomber
Health: 8
Danatrei Forces Marauderp2

100 MP
Danatrei Forces Bakurasiggy
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Danatrei Forces
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