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 ~Weapons Rules & Template.

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~Weapons Rules & Template. Empty
PostSubject: ~Weapons Rules & Template.   ~Weapons Rules & Template. EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 7:03 am

Hi again, it's your trusty admin Jinx here. Here is where you'll create weapons for your character, you can have as many as you like, but obviously you can't carry 500 guns around with you...

-No God-Mod Weapons- No weapons can break a skyscraper with one flick of the wrist... not on here anyway.

-No Nukes- It is tempting to create a gun that could destroy a whole city with one blast, but no. Sorry mates.

-Dual-Wielding- You may not wield more than one weapon at a time, unless you have 500+ posts and ask to be added to the list or have special permission by an admin.

This is the template, delete the bits in brackets but please copy and paste it, don't want anybig gaps or no gaps please!

Name: (Of the weapon)

Type: (Gun? Sword? etc)

Element: (Optional, must be one of your three mastered)

(Does it have any special effects?)

Description: (Describe the weapon)

History: (Of the weapon)

Picture: (This be optional says I)

Dual-Wielder List:


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~Weapons Rules & Template.
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