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 M249 (weapon)

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PostSubject: M249 (weapon)   M249 (weapon) EmptyTue Jul 08, 2008 7:45 am

Name: M249

Type: Heavy Machine Gun

Element: Umm...Metal?

Effect: It can fill you with lead, does that count?

Description: Bakuras M249 is a Heavy Duty Machine Gun, carrying 50 caliber rounds (thats very big) and and holds a cartridge of 64 bullets at a time. The gun requires a stand in order to fire acquirately without the huge recoil.

History: Yami Bakura had butchered 10 people in Danatrei, and he had made easy work of the SWAT teams, but then Haylee had tried to snipe him, and he had made his way in seconds to where she was, and a fight broke out, it ended with him returning to Ryou Bakura, and them throwing out a bomb. Bakura then pulled the bullets out of his wounds, and had a look around, he looked at all the weapon compartments, and he asked Haylee if he could make his own gun, he knew how to make them, but he didn;t have any parts, or a gun, and this was the result, the M249, the beast, as some called it, one of the most Heavy Duty Machine guns in existence, second only to The SAW!

M249 (weapon) ERA-CA-249P-007

100 MP
M249 (weapon) Bakurasiggy
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PostSubject: Re: M249 (weapon)   M249 (weapon) EmptyTue Jul 08, 2008 7:52 am

Approved, after you ask that in le topic. Razz
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M249 (weapon)
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