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 Spells Rules & Template

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PostSubject: Spells Rules & Template   Spells Rules & Template EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 8:35 am

Okay so this is the section where you can create yourself some coolio spells. Follow the rules and it should be easy to get through apporval.

-No Godmodding. This means your spell can NOT blow up a sky scraper in one go. If you make something like this, Jinx and I shall laugh in your face and disapprove you. Simple because we're mean.

-Approval first. Make sure that your spell has been approved by a mod or an admin before you go and use it please. Or as stated in the main rules - we shall kill you... and your children... then as an addition we'll eat them too.

-Be Creative. Well of course it takes a bit of thinking to be creative but being creative doesn't exactly mean you have to make a whole new spell. You could always take a simple spell and change the looks and effects of it around a bit. Easy as that.

-Be Descriptive! I want atleast three lines in the description section or once again us mods and admins will laugh in your face and disapprove untill you get atleast three lines.

-Follow the template. If you don't follow the template, the mods and admins will firstly get annoyed because your wasting thei time, if you don't use the template we won't reply back to it untill the template is out in and filled out properly.

-MP Duration. The magic power system goes in tens for spells. There is no passive or 23mp. No such thing my dear friends ^-^.

-Put the amount of MP you have in your signature. Speaking of that, here are the magic signature limits.


New Member => 30MP
More than 30 posts => 50MP
More than 50 posts => 70MP
More than 70 posts => 100MP
More than 100 posts => 120MP
More than 170 posts => 160MP
More than 200 posts => 210MP
More than 240 posts => 250MP
More than 310 posts => 300MP
More than 380 posts => 490MP
More than 500 posts => 600MP
More than 630 posts => 680MP
More than 760 posts => 750MP
More than 800 posts => 830MP
More than 890 posts => 910MP
More than 990 posts => 1100MP
More than 1300 posts => 2500MP

2500MP is the most MP you can gain for now.


Name: (What do you call this spell?)

MP Cost: (How much MP does this spell use?)

Description: (What does the spell look like when casted? how long does it last for? Remember, three lines or more and this will be easy for you)

Close/long Range: (Is it a close ranged spell or long ranged?)

Effect: (What does this spell do? How much damage does it do? Or how does it help you?)

History: (How did you obtain this spell?)

Follow the template and you should get through approval quite easily. There will be limits on how many spells you have. ^-^.

Here they are...

Spell Limits--

New Member => 2 spells
More than 40 posts => 3 spells
More than 80 posts => 4 spells
More than 120 posts => 5 spells
More than 170 posts => 6 spells
More than 210 posts => 7 spells
More than 370 posts => 8 spells
More than 430 posts => 10 spells
More than 600 posts => 11 spells
More than 730 posts => 15 spells
More than 810 posts => 16 spells
More than 900 posts => 18 spells
More than 1200 posts => 20 spells

That's it for now... So start making spells and such! You'll see that the more you post the more MP you get... Meaning you get more strong and you can kill stuff!! So go on now children..
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Spells Rules & Template
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