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 Illusionary Death

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Vivi Konstantin

Vivi Konstantin

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PostSubject: Illusionary Death   Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:29 pm

Name: Illusionary Death

MP Cost: 20

Description: Vivi uses illusionary magick to hinder a victom's mind to the point where they beleive they are dying. They feel no pain, however, Vivi's mind continues to go on about "No... I'm dying..." or "I... can't... breathe...." and so fourth in the person's voice to the point of which they beleive they are in fact, on death's door. Weak minded, stupid, and overtly suicidal people will probably die, however, as thick people are especially suseptible to Vivi's Illusionary abilities. While performing this unique ability, Vivi himself is entirely incapacitated, to the point he would not be able to move a hair. Should his focus be broken, he will be stunned for a post, and somewhat disoriented the next, in addition to the spell being broken. Should his spell go through, the illusion that death is upon one lasts for two or three posts.

Close/long Range: Intended for long range, though close range is just as suseptible.

Effect: (Is this not the same thing as description?) The illusion of death is cast upon one's mind, lasting two or three posts, depending on how smart the victom is. Vivi is unable to defend himself, or move for that matter, while in said state.

History: Upon his entry to the alternate dimension, Vivi learned many magicks from the Fourteen Sages of Time and Space. He was more interested in the Sixth's methods, however, which invoved violence, death, mindless killings, and strict apathy towards all 'targets'. He first learned several 'boring' spells, including how to bring something back to life, or stop someone from harm, but eventually learned spells such as how to case something to implode, simply by removing a key organ. While said spells did amuse Vivi, it was only for a short period of time. He grew tired of 'stupid oaf' spells, where all that really awaited one was implosion, explosion, disembowelment, etcetera, and wanted to do something much more 'witty', like causing one's own body to turn against him, and make him beleive he was dead when he in fact, wasn't. This was a spell that truly interested him, so he begged the Sixth Sage to teach him. After nineteen grueling months, the boy learned the horrific spell, and has reaped violence, destruction, and horrors ever since.

(If you guys wanna like, test me to see if I'll use my VERY awesome spells correctly, be my guest, I wouldn't let me walk off with this one free-ride myself.)
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PostSubject: Re: Illusionary Death   Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:37 am


I see mis use and it will be unapproved.

100 MP
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Illusionary Death
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