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 Transport Rules & Template

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Transport Rules & Template Empty
PostSubject: Transport Rules & Template   Transport Rules & Template EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 9:49 am

Hello there. If you're reading this your probably wanting to make yourself some sort of transport vehicle. Well firstly you must read the rules then follow the template to get your transport.


-No Godmodding. No you can NOT have some super vehicle or jet of some sort that goes faster than the speed of light. Nor can you have too many weapons on your way of transport.

-The type of transport you have. Unless you are granted special permission to have transport by flight, you must have 1000+ to make a plane, helicopter or jet. The same goes for boats but you may have a boat at 500+ boats.

-Approval. Make sure your transport is approved before you use it. Or we will kill you, your children and your pets, then eat them.

-Be Descriptive! This is in almost every creation rules & templates topic so I advise that you be REALLY descriptive on this creation post. You will be required to have quite a bit of description depending on what you use for transport.

-Use the template!!! <<-- yeah that...

The Template--

Name: (What do you call it or what is the name of the model?)

Type of Transport: (Is it a car? a motorbike? a plane? you choose)

Description: (What does it look like? How fast can it go? What's the engine like? What does it take to get it moving? You'll want a big description here..)

Weapons: (Does the transport have any weapons attatched to it? If so, tell us about them here. This section doesn't have to be filled)

History (How did you obtain it? Does the transport itself have a little history?)

That's all for this template. Just remember, to make a vehicle you must be really descriptive and I mean REALLY descriptive. ^-^

~Haylee inc.
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Transport Rules & Template
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