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 Micah williams (not finished)

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Micah williams (not finished) Empty
PostSubject: Micah williams (not finished)   Micah williams (not finished) EmptyMon Jul 14, 2008 12:20 pm

Name: Micah Williams

Age: 11

Gender: male

Race: human

Looks: Micah has black hair with a ponytail and skin tone is white. micah wears a yellow jacket and black eyes looks kind of mysterious

City: (What city does your character currently live in?)

Elements: ink, wind, flower

Alliance: neutral

Personality: Micah acts mysterious and dosent like to talk to much people he is very specific to who he chooses as freinds

Good Traits: sports and fighting

Bad Traits: social stuff like meeting new people

Weapons: fist

History: (What is your character story? DO NOT WRITE UNKNOWN.)

Pictures: (Any pics?)
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Micah williams (not finished)
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