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 The Story--

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PostSubject: The Story--   The Story-- EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 10:19 am

Hello and welcome to Chaotic Metrpolis. This site has an original plot to it which will be posted here. Please read to get a full understanding about what your RPing. ^-^

Chaotic Metropolis

It is the year 2201. There are many cities in the world that have been destroyed. Some have actually managed to survive. A newcomer huh? Maybe you should get to know a little more about how the world became so upside down in places.

It was during the World War Three that there were many secrets let out that should have been kept a secret. There were a few scientists in the United States of America that learned about a new power, that power was true magic. Not the magic one would see in a show, but actually proper elemental magic. The only thing was that it was all in a different realm. With the new discovery the scientests went to celebrate. Little did they know, there were creatures inside of the realm that shouln't have been let out. Fire breathing dragons and even ice fire griffins got out. Many magic creatures got out to be discovered by man. Each and everyone of these creatures had the ability to give away their power. But, it was in the time of the world war 3, everyone wanted to be safe, everyone wanted these magical powers given by the creatures. By the time it was half way through the world war, other countries found out. After a long time, the creatures had everything sucked out of them. Each and everyone of them hid away to keep their magic away from the humans.

Scientific studies showed that when a human used the magic it would drown some sort of chemical energy out of them. With the battles going on, the magic spread all across the countries in the world. It was finally time that the creatures turned against the humans. The creatures attacked cities and even some small towns. The humans tried to fight back using that magic and their own military forces. It was time that thw whole world made an allignment to get rid of these creatures. Battles raged on in all countries. Cities were burnt down to the ground with the civilians having no escape from the bridges breaking down. It was the end of the world. Suddenly, on August the 18th a comet came down from space and wiped out most of the world. But, it took away all the magical creatures, or something like so. All the creatures hadn't gone and neither did the humans.

Two years after the war had finished. Now there is only one unknown country left, it was made up of european countries and other foreighn countries. That is where the survivors lived for the time being. There was five main cities that were each seperated by a habour bridge over the water, by a forest of some sort or a desert. Outside of each city there were small towns. Eventually, the survivors were running out of resources. The world was now a wreck, with buildings having to be rebuilt, some cities were full of rich as others were full of the poor who suffered the most from the explosion of the comet. Now all the cities and towns are turning against each other, they are now heading towards another war, but that's when the magic started up again. The world was now full of crime and scum .There were different allignments. Those who wished to destroy to get to their resources, those who stayed out of it and gathered their resources in a hunting fashion and, those who are trying to stop the suffering and pain, those are the ones that want to bring back a civilised revolution.

People say that the comet hit earth to help stop the war. Others say it hit the earth to start up a different war. All in all, everyone still ended up losing in some way. Loss of family, loss of resources, loss of money, loss of power. How far people would go to get that all back was the question.

You get to choose what you fight for, peace, destruction or just for yourself?
If you want peace, prepare for war.

~Haylee Inc. Productions
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The Story--
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