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 Rai Kester

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PostSubject: Rai Kester   Rai Kester EmptySun Jul 20, 2008 5:52 am

Name: Rai Kester

Age: 19; Birth Day: April 6.

Gender: Male

Race: Winged Genesis.( By Genesis I mean, an origin of his birthplace, in other words the best they have.)

Looks: Rai has long silver hair with black streaks falling on it, giving him the charmers look.His hairs length reaches till his collar and is styled in a ponytail kind of way. His eyes are a light crimson shade, that can look into others eyes and strike fear deep within their hearts. He has a long coat, covering his whole body and has silver outlines on it, signifying that he is a real Genesis that was approved of his little village around the very outskirts of Excalibur city, they delve so far from civilization. His Wings color is ebony, so is are the wings below each of his primary wings, the feathers are of high quality and quantity, thus giving him a better ability wen it comes in aerial fights.

City: Very Edge of Excalibur City

Elements: Wind , Fire.

Alliance: Neutral.

Personality: His a fun loving person, who enjoys hanging out with his friends. He usually makes time, a lot of time, for training for his dream is to become a hero that would help his little village at the edge of Excalibur city that is often attacked by monsters.He wants to travel to the main city and ask for help to protect this village. When it comes down to training, Rai won't stop until he falls unconscious or master the move. His loyalty resides to his friends and family for helping him become their "Genesis".

Good Traits: His ability to fly is cut better than the average flying being. He is also capable of using his 5ft sword effectively, with great speed and accuracy.He isn't much of a runner seeing as to he uses his wings mostly when doing training. Capable of smithing his own weapons when needed. Knows how to cook supplementary meals with the given resources. Has special ability that allows him to heal 0.3 times faster than the average human. An acrobatic fighter, in both land and air, capable of fighting 3 ferocious monsters with out breaking a sweat. An average caster when it comes to spells.

Bad Traits: Rais right arm was injured during an unlucky accident, in where his friends were playing outside the village and was attacked by beasts. Rai tried saving them and managed to but, his right arm was bitten hardly by one of the beasts fangs and damaged it permanently. Though it still is not useless. His reaction time is slower when on land, as the wind is weaker here. Incapable of killing more than 10 monsters at a time. If fighting with a large group, his stamina is reduced greatly and hinders his fighting capabilities. AN Average caster when it comes to spells.

Weapons: A Broadsword.

History: Rai Kester, born on April 6, was fathered by Luis Kester and Mothered by Vivian Lauren Kester. In the small village on the very edge of Excalibur city's outskirts. He had an easy time growing up, a very hard working child, ever since he was small, he would always help plant crops with his family and his friend as they grew in a farmer village. They harvested Rice and Corn, and herd Cows and Pigs And chicken as livestock. Rai was living a life with no dreams except to become the protector of their village. Like his father, who was the protector of their little village. he always played with crafted broadswords made from wood and making a lot, as he practiced swordplay with his buddies at a young age. At the age of 10 He was now a hunter who hunted monsters for food and items to be traded to the neighboring villages.He was happy child. Until that faithful night in where his friends were attacked by monsters outside the village and were hurt badly. Running for their lives, Rai caught up with them and told to find shelter. rai fended off the beasts with his own made copper broadsword that his dad helped him with. He managed to kill most of them, until one of the monsters slipped though his defense and biting his right arm with such ferocity and injuring it. before the monster got away, rai stabbed its head and broke through its skull, mashing its brains. As Rai got his sword and met up with friends covered in blood.Rai told them to return to the village before collapsing from the fight. his friends hurried him to the medics of the village and managed to heal his right arm, though it can never be used 100% again. 9 years later, he became their Genesis and protected the land Night till Day, until he was chosen to travel to Excalibur and send forces towards his city. He packed up all his materials and his special Broadsword, before leaving the village and starting his journey.

Pictures: Rai Kester Guy121
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