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 Genesis Of the Skies

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PostSubject: Genesis Of the Skies   Genesis Of the Skies EmptyMon Jul 21, 2008 3:56 am

Name: Genesis of the skies

Type: Buster Sword

Element: Wind, Fire

Effect: Its capable of manipulating the wind and or flames in order to create a 3 inch long, elemental blade that is formed right after the physical appearance of the given weapon. Its hilt Is also capable of creating a small baslt of wind to make swinger much easier when Rai's energy is insufficient.

Description: Its Huge Broad sword, with a hilt engraved with a seal and wrapped around by crimson bandages. The bandages are a little longer than needed, so the extra would always flutter in the wind. Its blade is as long as 5ft. Its capacity is incomparable to other weapons as this sword can break through a buildings wall that is made out of iron with 4 layers in it. Though it seems it can be used to cut a whole building in half, it can't, as to Rai,s endurance to drag the sword against it, is insufficient.

History: Was the Secret Treasure of Rai Village. Was bestowed upon him when he was 14, and called it the Genesis of The Skies. It was extremely heavy for him at the time, but under continuous training and loyalty to protecting this village, he mustered enough power to swing it conventionally.The Wind Blasts were very helpful as he became tired quite easily after a few swings. It managed to kill exactly than 999 Beasts on Rais journey towards the City.

Picture: The Black one is the closest I can find.

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PostSubject: Re: Genesis Of the Skies   Genesis Of the Skies EmptyMon Jul 21, 2008 4:00 am


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Genesis Of the Skies
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