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 TriGun of the Underworld

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PostSubject: TriGun of the Underworld   TriGun of the Underworld EmptyTue Jul 22, 2008 4:44 am

Name: TriGun of the Underworld

Type: One gun, that has 3 barrels, allowing 3 bullets to be launched at ones.

Element: Wind, Fire.

Effect: It has infinite bullets, the bullets are either made of 3 wind, 3 fire, 2 wind 1 fire, 1 wind 2 fire, even if it has infinite bullets the user must also reload after every six shots like a magnum, by ejecting the handle than putting it back on. It can only be used if the user has remaining MP and is either surrounded by the wind or fire. The size of the bullet formed by the wind is roughly 3 centimeters long and 2 mm wide. The fire bullets however are harder to find sp the size is bigger and stronger, its length is 5 cm and 3 mm wide. Both bullets are capable of going through a human body.

Description: Its a gun with 3 barrels attached to one handle with 3 triggers each. The first trigger is located by the grip the second one is by the index finger and the last one is connected to the middle finger. Each barrel has one color that symbolizes a part of the skies. The handle also has a bandage over it, which has some extra giving it the same fluttering effect of the buster sword.

History: It was the second most treasured weapon of the village, part of the three sets, the Genesis of Skies, Trigun of the Underworld and the last one, the Beads of Three Gods. This was also given to him by his family and was assigned to use it only on dire situations. It managed to save his village quite a few times when the situation called for a long range maneuver.
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PostSubject: Re: TriGun of the Underworld   TriGun of the Underworld EmptyTue Jul 22, 2008 4:47 am


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TriGun of the Underworld Bakurasiggy
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TriGun of the Underworld
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