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 Anton Daniels [unfinished]

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PostSubject: Anton Daniels [unfinished]   Anton Daniels [unfinished] EmptyThu Jul 24, 2008 6:42 am

Basic Information
Name: Anton Daniels
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
City: Eurai City

Looks: When it comes to size, Anton is about average height for a man, standing at around five foot ten or five foot eleven. He has a medium build, not too muscular but not too scrawny. He is very fair skinned, hailing for the more northern countries. He also has medium length, silky white hair. A pair of light orange goggles sit on top of his head for extreme weather conditions. Anton has a very well proportioned face, and on this face are a pair of magnificent orange eyes, and a band aid used to block a scar from one of the many battles he has fought in. He also wears a headset for when he goes out on long missions to keep in touch with other members in his squad and the main base. On his back is a communications array, and he has a heavy brown coat for long arctic expeditions. He is dressed like a regular soldier, a vanguard.
Personality: Coming Soon...
Alliance: Good
Elements: Ice, Reflect, Curing

Good Traits: Anton is an exceptional leader, a great shot, and always protects his comrades when in dire situations
Bad Traits: Sometimes Anton can be a little too chivalrous, and causes himself to open up his weak spots. He also has a slight heart problem. If his heart rate gets too fast, he will start to become lethargic. He takes medicine for this.

Weapons: Two state of the art pistols

Background Information
History: Coming Soon...

Anton Daniels [unfinished] _Hop_on__by_yamiza
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Anton Daniels [unfinished]
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