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 Angelus - The Original Vampire

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PostSubject: Angelus - The Original Vampire   Angelus - The Original Vampire EmptySun Jul 27, 2008 1:16 pm

Name: Angelus

Age: over 13 thousand years old

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire - complex (see additional information section I added at the end)

Looks: Angelus appears to be a striking young man with almost unearthly good looks, he is considered far more than merely handsome, beautiful even, even with the scar which runs down his face, it begins above his left eye and runs down to his chin. Angelus’ eyes are strange and even disturbing; his right eye is a deep blue colour, whereas his left is a contrasting haunting silver. He has striking red hair, like the dying embers of a fire.
Angelus' jacket is plain black and is fairly non-nondescript, it has four pockets in total, two external ones and two on the inner layer of material, the jacket is lined with dark blue silk.Under this outer lay of clothing Angelus wears a black shirt with silver angelic wings designed on the back.
He carries with him two items of interest, His sword, which has received no name itself with its blade of shimmering blue steel, and guard engraved with a set of angel wings. The third item of interest he wears is a pocket-watch, which normally resides in his inner left hand breast pocket and appears to be silver, yet it is a holy item, blessed by the pope in a minor way, as though he enjoys the pain of holding it, however those who know him well enough realise that as the original vampire he is immune to things such as sunlight and blessed items. The item is particularly interesting because it appears to monitor the sunlight, with a small symbol changing below the twelfth position whether it is daylight or night-time.

City: Eurai

Elements: Fire, Ice and Wind

Alliance: Good

Personality: Angelus is a calm person, so calm he is often described as cold. In a sense he is cold, as all his years of life have shown him how to survive in a manner which most find unnerving, he will often seem to gaze into a persons soul and has a habit of reading into people with the extra understanding of them he has received throughout the time he has spent as a creature of the night. He never speaks unnecessarily, and many do not even know who he is, a fact he enjoys immensely as it causes new vampires to mistake him for someone unimportant, only to find out he is highly respected by virtually everything.
He is very passionate, and keenly aware of what is going on around him, he looks after his adopted daughter fiercely and tries to be a good role model. He is a good person, yet has an inner darkness caused by centuries of violence and pain, he hate seeing unnecessary death and despises rapist more than anything else in the world.
Some odd quirks of his personality are that he seems perfectly able to get along with any race, raises birds of prey and other dangerous animals such as wolves in a part of land he has put aside for them, draws absentmindedly, sometimes grins manically or sings whilst in battle to unnerve an opponent, acts insane on purpose, almost like he is testing people, plays guitar and violin late during the day when everyone is sleeping. He is also playful, makes friends with anyone he pleases, but refuses to get involved in politics.

Good Traits:

  • Highly skilled in the arts, he has had time to practice these include the literary arts and also more physical arts such as the whittling of wood and the like
    Extremely skilled at martial combat, both unarmed and armed, using both modern and ancient technology, he is also a skilled general and leader, again, because he has had a lot of time to practice

  • The Rain
    Long walks
    Playing musical Instruments
    Women, oh most definitely women
    Women in sexy outfits
    flirting playfully in clubs
    His club

Bad Traits:

  • Somewhat absent minded at times
    Almost suicidal when enraged
    Has nightmares of those he has seen killed or has killed

  • Losing Lily
    Never finding love again
    Giving in to the darkness
    Watching his race turn into monsters
    Being trapped

  • Being too warm
    Rape (dislike is an understatement)
    Unnecessary death

  • His sword, which has received no name itself with its blade of shimmering blue steel, and guard engraved with a set of angel wings
    A pair of 9mm pistols which each hold fifteen shots, they are stylized with wings on the handles
    A bow made of ash

History: Angelus comes from not this dimension, but another, a dimension in which Magic has been present since the dawn of time, he is an ancient and revered creature in that dimension, and was brought through to this one almost as thought fated to do so, he is the original vampire, and as such his exact age is lost in legends, as is his original name

As the oldest vampires it is hard to decipher the history of Angelus, but we shall start as all good stories do. With the beginning.

He was born into a small and relatively well off family in a small city near the capital of the country, all of whose names have been forgotten long ago. His family were farmers, apart from his father, who was a noble blessed with heavenly spirit to bring the next race into being, however doing so cost him his life. Angelus was a bastard son, although that was not his name at the time of course, he has long forgotten his true name, instead using the name given to him by the pope in the early years of the church.

However that all changed when a plague hit the village, in the year of Angelus' birth, it seemed to affect only infants, as adults has an immune system which could fight it off. Yet once it got into a child's system, they would die. Angelus was the only child of that generation to survive from the village and as such - after the expected period of superstition and hatred by the other members of the community - he was seen as a gift from the gods, he was given the best of everything in the village, tutored by the experts of every craft in any way he wanted and oh he had such a want for knowledge. He needed to learn things, had a thirst for it, yet that was not the only thirst which overcame him.

On the evening of his twenty first birthday he took a stroll with his childhood sweetheart in the woods, they were attacked by an enraged bear and Angelus killed it with a knife he had received, ironically enough from the girls father. He was praised as a hero by all who saw the corpse of the bear, yet he had simply used an old trick he had learned from a hunter, waiting until the bear tried to crush him and then piercing it through the brain with his knife. He married his childhood sweetheart shortly afterwards but within the month slowly began to change.

Daylight began to hurt his eyes, making him violently ill and causing him to break out in a rash and to blister before too long in the sun, as did silver, yet that seemed to have a much lesser effect, simply causing his skin to react in a rash which over time has dulled to nothin. He ate more and more yet could never satisfy his hunger, until at last it happened.

On a night when the moon was full and the stars were clear, a brigand stole onto the young couples land, he first went to the barn, having seen a light on, and there he found Angelus wife. He attacked the young woman, ripping her clothes from her and attempting her rape. Her screams drew forth the monster Angelus had been hiding deep within. He was there, suddenly, in the barn, and threw the brigand from his wife, then seemed to jump to beside him, pinning him up against the wall

The man stabbed Angelus in the shoulder, but the grip Angelus had on his neck only grew tighter, and drew blood, sending Angelus into a frenzy, he bit the man and drained him, only to realize that his wife was standing behind him, horrified. She screamed "Demon!" and drew forth her cross, he fell to his knees and begged her not to say such things and she struck him.

He ran, ran far and wide form that place, traveling for years yet never aging, never changing, he became a mercenary and a night watchman, a scholar and a thief. He became a master of all trades, jack of none. He still felt empty. He lived off of a mixed diet of blood and food, knowing that he could survive without the later but not wishing to risk it.

He searched for people like him, not knowing what they were, and finally found rumors of bandits drained of blood, and cloaked figures who disappeared when you tried to focus on them. He knew he was close.

It took him another three years to track down the first one, yet what he found was not what he wanted. The man was a killer, plain and simple, living off anything he could, he tried to attack Angelus, yet Angelus found he was much stronger. He ripped the man's clothes from him and noticed a bite mark on his neck, he had been turned into this, not born into it.

The only thing Angelus could do was demand to know where the mans maker was. He spent another twenty years searching for him.

At last he found it, a covenant of shadows, the thirteen eldest vampires, yet none was older than he. He was accepted with open arms and it was found that he had gifts similar to those of the others, each was purer than anything they could make, yet Angelus did not see the made as lesser, merely different. Like a different race, a race of people who bridged the gap between themselves and the humans.

They decided to call themselves vampires, and they were the night itself.

For centuries they gathered followers - and enemies - knowing that they were superior to humans but that superiority had its prices.

Angelus found himself being dragged in to power struggles and more, he did not like it, and so, he wandered, spawning legends as he went.

He took to being as a hermit, living as he chose and following no ones rules. This lasted for years, no one bothered him unless he wished it and he set up many aliases throughout the years, all of whom he faked the deaths of at an appropriate time. He found himself in the courts of kings, whether as a guest or a performer, and traveled the world looking for a place to call home.

He searched the world and learned many things, of many religions, and even spoke to the holy majesty of the pope. Under cover of darkness he found his way to the Vatican, never needing light. He appeared at the old man's window, and found that he was expected. An unusual feeling for a man with no name and no history, They talked for hours of new things and old, and Angelus found himself unique amongst vampires in that he had an immunity to the effects of holy things, being wholey good by nature, having never tasted the blood of an innocent unless it was offered in full understanding.

He was found again by his brethren, his truest brethren, the other vampire lords, his brothers and sisters of the night. Yet still he felt as though there were none like him. He felt alone

He finally decided that none such existed twenty years ago, when he came across a town being attacked by Vampires, he was enraged, and flew into a fury the likes of which he had only experienced once in his life.

He tore through the ranks of his own kind, yet found that he had only managed to save one of their "playthings" - a girl of around four years old, whom he named Lily and has slowly been turning with a dilute mixture, so that she gradually changes yet is still allowed to grow to maturity - and he ripped her attackers to pieces, giving her refuge from the nightmare

None stood in his path as he walked from that place, they had witnessed the power of a vampire Lord, and they knew that he could destroy them utterly. Yet they also knew their masters would see them as shamed unless they discovered who it was who had so easily defeated them. So they did, and they returned to their masters with the knowledge that their brother was tired of them and their childishness, so he would disappear from the world for a time.

He took the girl back to the covenant, his own private refuge, which housed his friends - not merely the vampires but the lycans and humans as well - and there he stayed, raising her as his own and watching over her like a father. Till she was of age that she could be left in charge of his affairs, until she was twenty five years old, at which age he fully turned her.

Still he was regarded as the strongest, he has the gifts of the primordial night, which few other vampires posses, yet at the same time he adapts to change like no other elder has been able to, this is why he survives so well.

Then the shift came, taking he, his house, his entire covenant through the dimensions into the world we know and behold, he found himself in a world where magic was just coming into being and he soon began gathering followers, he and his covenant taught them about Magic, and soon a city built up around them, he turned his Mansion into a school, and is the headmaster of it. He still wonders if God is playing a joke on him.

Additional Details:
  • Angelus mother was a mystic before she gave birth to the bastard son of Stewart. As such she had a talent for the arts of magic and passed down some of these traits to Angelus. He has the power of telekinesis and of primordial energy. This energy manifests itself in a number of ways and can be shaped and used according to his will. He commonly manifests it as fire or a raw crackling electrical substance, however the colour varies, it is normally a dark blue or purple
    Angelus, as the first vampire, is immune to sunlight, silver, and holy objects, this is because he was the vampire that was supposed to happen, and lived his life in the correct way, however other vampires, supposed to be born to follow in the same path, strayed and were cursed with these weaknesses, which unfortunately have spread throughout time to anyone not turned personally by Angelus or someone he himself turned, and so on, however they only turn with direct permission from Angelus
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PostSubject: Re: Angelus - The Original Vampire   Angelus - The Original Vampire EmptySun Jul 27, 2008 3:54 pm

O.O you my friend did a very good job with your character. I approve you 100%, keep up the good work.

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Angelus - The Original Vampire
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