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 Dark Eagle (Weapon)

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Name: Dark Eagle

Type: Desert Eagle (Gun foo's)

Element: Darkness

The Dark Eagle never runs out of Ammo, but still must be reloaded, the same clip is simply used over and over again. The Dark eagle can charge dark magic into a shot to make the bullet explosive, but this ability comes with a heavy recoil. The gun has a part of Yami Bakuras soul in it, and therefore can never be stolen, as it will always return to him, by a stroke of luck or coincidence, it will find it's way back. Just like the Millenium Ring does.

Description: The Dark Eagle is a jet black Desert Eagle .44 edition pistol. It features a padded handle, for comfort when using. The Ammo cartridge slots into the INSIDE of the Handle, and the Barrel of the Gun must then be cocked back to calibrate (so it can fire...). The Barrel is longer then in most standard pistols, this means it can fire farther. It uses .44 calibur rounds, which are relitively large (M249 uses .50 Calibur rounds, so they are big...).

History: Ryou Bakura was on the run, after meeting a Girl named Haylee. Yami Bakura had gone on a killing spree, killing several people, and more then 20 police officers and SWAT soldiers. Haylee shot at Bakura, who parried the bullet with his knife, Deaths Whisper. Bakura then shot for the window of Haylee's room in a hotel. He got there, and jumped in, moving to the left instantly to avoid a punch that he had forseen coming, he grinned, punching her back for the insult. The two faught in the small room for about 20 minutes, non stop attacks at eachothers vital organs, in an attempt to kill or cause serious injury, when Yami Bakura turned into Ryou Bakura. His true self, a mild, weak boy who happened to own the Millenium Ring, a 5000 year old artifact, that held the soul and magic of Zorc Necrophades, also known as Yami Bakura. Ryou Bakura had found several gun pieces around Haylee's room, and he had made an M249, a heavy duty machine gun, designed to take out armoured targets. The two had to escape and stay at another hotel, as the police flooded in. They stayed at a rather fancy place, and so they needed a change of clothes. During the night, Bakura had tricked a waiter into believing that a mysterious Black Knight was responsible for all the murders. Bakura then started to look at the various gun pieces he had acquired during the journey, and had enough to almost make a Gun. He went out the next morning, before Haylee awoke, and he bought himself more pieces, enough to make a Desert Eagle, it was a golden pistol at first, .44 edition. Yami Bakura used some of the magic in the ring to place a part of his soul into the gun, turning it Jet Black, and giving it an unlimited ammo supply. Bakura enchanted 4 or 5 clips just incase he lost one. And then he started to charge the gun with dark magic, allowing for explosive shots.


Dark Eagle (Weapon) Desert-eagle-44

100 MP
Dark Eagle (Weapon) Bakurasiggy
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Dark Eagle (Weapon) Hayleebanner
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Dark Eagle (Weapon)
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