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 Summon Rules and Template--

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Summon Rules and Template-- Empty
PostSubject: Summon Rules and Template--   Summon Rules and Template-- EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 7:41 pm

Hi peoples, this is where you can all make awesome summons to strike fear into enemies, or brin hope to your allies. Summons can be pretty much anything, dragons, demons, birds or even a fairy... lol. But anyway, like all the creation sections there are a few rules you should follow, they are:

-God-Mod- Like all the sections, you may not make a god-mod summon, an example would be a huge dragon the size of a city, try again bub.

-DESCRIPTION- This is majorly important for summons, if we don't know what it looks like in our sick deluded heads, then you'll get a bigg NO from all the mods and admins..

-Approval- Wait to be approved before you go off and actually use these things okay? And don't go bumping your topics every five minutes, you can bump after a couple of days, but please be aware us admin have lives...

-Creativity- Everyone has it. I don't wanna see five hundred dragons, isn't that a tad unoriginal? Try somethin a little more interesting... like a rabid dog.

-TEMPLATE- It's there for a reason, follow it or prepare to be eaten alive by me or more likely Haylee. She's spaz you know..

Oh look, this is the template. USE IT.

Name: (duh..)

MP Cost: (Increments of 10 kids.)

Description: (What does the summon look like? This has to be included even if you have a picture..)

Attacks: (What attacks can your summon do? Include a description and how much damage each one does.)

History: (Of the summon. How'd you get it? What's it done?)

Now you can't have 50 summons riht at the start, OH NO. Here's the limits:

New User- One Summon.
More than 50 posts- Two Summons.
More than 150 posts- Three Summons.
More than 250 posts- Four Summons.
More than 300 posts- Five Summons.
More than 500 posts- Seven Summons.
More than 750 posts- Nine Summons.
More than 1000 posts- Ten Summons.

--At the moment you may only have a maximum of Ten Summons, that's enough to keep you occupied..

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Summon Rules and Template--
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